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A Bohemian Beer-Tasting Tour

A Bohemian Beer-Tasting Tour

Bohemia is home to so many masterpieces of brewing, it is no surprise that the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world! And while no guide can fully do justice to the Golden City’s legendary brewing tradition, here are our suggestions for getting a taste – or a gulp – of Prague has on tap.

Are you pilsner person or an ale enthusiast? How does the Czech Republic’s smallest microbrewery produce the country’s strongest beer? What does it feel like to bathe in a tub of beer after a malt-and-hops sauna? Does Czech beer taste even better when poured out of Duke Ellington’s saxophone? And exactly how cool is Prague’s coolest bar? (hint: they provide gloves at the entrance…)

If you’d like to know the answer to these and more questions, have a look at our guide: from modern venues to ancient beer halls that haven’t changed in hundreds of years, we selected 12 “must visit” establishments to make your vacation even more memorable… as long as you drink responsibly 😉