Italian Design Aparthotel in Prague

Different, By Design

The first apart-hotel with designer interiors and 4-star service

Italian design is synonymous of exquisite taste, manufacturing excellence and, in the words of Luigi Caccia Dominioni, an “unmatched skill in mediating between history and the future.” Those are the qualities we wanted for H7 Palace, and that’s why we hired an award-winning team of Italian architects – led by Andrea Mariuzzo of Area Tecnica Group – to oversee the complete renovation of the property. They have created an alluring atmosphere that seamlessly blends innovative solutions with the timeless charm of the historic buildings. Throughout the process, no detail was overlooked, from bathroom fixtures to the landscaping in our courtyard. All furniture is custom-made in Milan’s Distretto del Mobile, and only top-quality materials were selected, including travertine marble, prized woods, lacquered glass, premium Italian leathers and fine ceramics. But while comfort and ambiance are important, they aren’t everything. We believe that outstanding service is the true hallmark of a great travel experience, and we are committed to being the only apartment hotel in Prague with the concierge and housekeeping services of a 4-star hotel.

H7 Palace is the only apart-hotel in Prague with:
  • Italian Designer Interiors
  • All furniture made-to-measure
  • Private inner garden
  • A permanent collection of original art
  • Front-desk service (8 am – 8 pm)
  • Premium housekeeping service once every 2 days
  • Buffet breakfast from 7.30 am to 10.30 am


Wake Up In An Art Gallery

H7 Palace permanently houses Marcello Manca’s “Prague Palindromes”

In Prague, the wonders of art envelop you every step of the way. And while museums and galleries abound, there is one exhibition that only you will get to enjoy… in your pyjamas! The endow the H7 experience with a further layer of uniqueness, we asked Italian artist Marcello Manca to create a series of paintings paying homage to our magical city. Prague Palindromes is a striking collection of 120 canvases created in Manca’s distinctive mixed-media technique, and each unit features at least two original pieces. “When I was commissioned the work,” the artist explains, “my mind was set on black and white, but Prague simply would not let me. The city was just so vivid, so varied, so unbelievably colourful… like an urban rainbow… I couldn’t suppress its iridescence if I tried.” In each of the images, the subtle complexities of Prague’s cityscape interact with the human element in an ongoing exploration of the symbiosis between individuals and environment. The result is a stunningly sleek and evocative mood, gritty and urban yet glamorously sensual.