Tours in Prague Centre

One-Day Adventures

One-Day Adventures

You’re in Bohemia, so why not be “Bohemian” and wander a bit? These 7 amazing destinations are all easily reachable from Prague, and provide fascinating insight into the region’s history.

Would you believe that Prague was not the first site in the Czech Republic to be included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list? And have you ever toured a brewery so big you need a train to get around? Care to have a spa day in the same luxurious resort that attracted celebrities and aristocrats from all over Europe in the 19th century? And what does it feel like to step into a church decorated entirely with the bones of 40,000 plague victims?

Prague has so much to offer, you could spend a lifetime here and still feel like you haven’t seen everything. But should you want to take a break from city life, the surrounding region also offers an incredible assortment of charms. Here are our suggestions for memorable day trips in area, all very different from one another yet equally fascinating.